NaturalONE Lab

I am able to login Naturalone via remote desktop but i am unable to open/create an any sample program due to license expires attached screenshot for the below reference, could you please help me to get resolve the below issue.


If you are using the Natural & Adabas Community edition you should download the new version.
Adabas & Natural Community Edition for Docker Download - News - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

If this is a full version, please contact our global support.


Thanks, Eli, for the response. In our organization not allowed to download and install free software from the portal. Our organization partnered with Software AG so we got lab vouchers to pratice the Natural Adabas. I raised the request in learning portal as well now they have given updated version of Natural one installed in remote desktop. so we can able to create a sample programs.

Need help to connect to Adabas files but we are getting a database is not active error, it would be helpful please let me know how to activate the database/Adabas file to use for read and find statement.

Please share some more information on the software you installed? is it community edition? running on Docker? platform etc’

Apologies for late reply, we were using naturalone lab session its preinstalled version. Above issue got cleared, Adabas instance pointed to DB12.