NaturalONE Community Edition email not received

Hi there,
I followed the link given by Eli Cohen and I was presented the Adabas and Natural for Docker download form (Adabas and Natural for Docker download form).
I completed the form and submitted it, yesterday, but I did not receive the download link.
I am not sure if something is wrong or if I just should go on waiting for the link.
Any feedback on this matter will be very much appreciated.
Best Regards,

Hi Gordon,

You should receive the email no more than few minutes after submitting the download form - I just tested it and the email arrived immediately.
There is possibility that it have ended up in a spam/junk folder or that your mail server might have blocked it.
Can you check your spam folders just to make sure.

Howerever the email is not required since after submitting the form you should land on a thank you page with all needed information about how to download the package together with the download links. If you still would like to have the email for your convenience I’ll forward it to you in a private message.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. I did not notice before that I do not need the email. Useful information.

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