Natural Program Cross Reference Mainframe

Does anyone know how to get a program listing of a Natural program which includes a cross reference listing of all variables in the program?

If so, can you show me the JCL to get this in batch mode?


Any help would be appreciated. i worked at a shop where it was provided as a transaction called CLISTING, which submitted a batch job. Unfortunately I never looked at the job that craeted this cross reference listing.

:?: thanks. Michele Marie

list xref prog xx*() using var * () of * usage *

will list programs starting with XX (of any type) and the external variables (from PDA, LDA, etc) they use. It does not include local variables defined instream, nor does it include line references to where the variables are used.

Thank you Douglas. I appreciate your help. I was more interested in a listing that I used to get at another shop that gave all the internal variables, plus line numbers. Does anyone know how to do that?

Thanks. Michele

That would have been a homegrown utility. Natural does not provide such a facility.

Thanks Ralph. Having learned Natural at that shop, i used it alot. I just assumed it wsa a function of the compiler or listing somehow tied in with Predict.

I appreciate your help.