Natural GRAPHICS EXAMPLE NGREX03 (from Operations Manual)

Please, I need some help.
I would like to know where to find information about Natural Graphics Setup.

Error message 1: The macro ‘Ngr.GraphicsON’ could not be found.
Error message 2: Microsoft Excel is not setup for Natural Graphics.

Thanks in advance.


The Example Library for this functionality has been revoked with NAT61:
Natural Documentations (e.g. Servline)
→ Administration
→ Release Notes
→ Removed Functionality
→ Example Libraries
→ SYSEXNGR - which contained the examples for Nat Graph

Thanks a lot!


The current Natural (and Adabas) documentation is also available via the Community - see “Documentation”.

Thank you!
I would like to use Natural graphics functions (draw, plot…).
There is an example in the operations manual, but it does not work!
Is there a mistake in my Natural Setup, or it won’t work anymore?