"NATURAL for DB2" for UNIX / Windows

Hello All,

I am very new to NATURAL / ADABAS concepts.

I need quick help regarding the following -

We have procedures written in NATURAL for performing some batch database (DB2) operation. This setup is in IBM z/OS.

We will be migrating the solution to UNIX or Windows. But according to the Software AG documentation NATURAL for DB2 will NOT work on UNIX / Windows.

http://www.softwareag.com/corporate/images/SAG_NatOverview_FS_08Dec08-web_tcm16-27591.pdf (refer to the table on page3)

Is there any way to get these procedures working on UNIX / Windows? Or is there any way of converting the procedures to be UNIX / Windows compliant.

Its given that “Entire Access” works on z/OS as well as other Open Systems. Is it possible to migrate the procedures in NATURAL for DB2 to Entire Access?

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.