Natural Engineer 8.2.3 - Advanced Options in Impact Criteria


I’m trying to use the advanced search to find a Literal String on Cobol Sources unsuccessfully for about 3 months.

I’m trying to find the COBOL programs containing the string: “MOVE LENGTH” or “MOVE LENGTH EIBCALEN”

Let me explain what I’ve been doing:

In Analysis Advanced Options - Criteria Detail, I’ve been using the option “Literal” and tried this combinations in the field Search Value (Literal String) :


and so on.

I do not really know where I am doing it wrong, because it returns nothing, not a single Cobol program…

What I have to do?

It is currently not possible to look for exactly what you are trying to find, which is MOVE LENGTH.
The MOVE is a KEYWORD - not a literal.
Literals are items in quotes, like ‘abc’ or numeric constants.
Therefore, currently you need to look for MOVE - under COBOL Keywords.
However, this will give you all MOVE statements.
In future, there will be an option to locate COBOL LENGTH function usage, like one can do for *LENGTH in Natural.
It is intended to see if this can be added to NEE833.0 scheduled for Oct. 2015 - but no guarantees yet.

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Thank you, BJ

There’s no automated method to identify storage overlays that are the result of DFHCOMMAREA length mismatches, I’m trying to find something to help me in this tough journey.