NATPAGEPFKEYS_TEMPLATE.xml with Map Conversion Tool

I want to show and activate Natural PF-Keys on my converted map. The documentation says

However the Copy Rules window does not allow me to select any templates, only alternative confrules*.xml files.
How can I select a template suitable for Natural PF-Keys?

Hi Verne,

The “Copy Convrules” works as follows:
You can only select the convrules. A specific conversion rules file references specific template files, like templates for grid controls, field controls and so on. Which templates are referenced depends on the rules in the convrules file.

Now when you select a rules file, automatically all referenced templates are selected for you to make sure you copy a consistent set of rules + templates.

If you would like to adapt the templates do the following:

  1. first copy the rules + referenced templates
  2. adapt the copied templates and/or rules according to your needs.

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Thanks for the reply ; I now understand how to customize the Map Conversion Rules. However I have now discovered that my maps do not have any PF-Key definitions in their source code.
Instead, the calling program issues SET KEY statements as appropriate to activate (and de-activate) PF-Keys dynamically.
So I think I have to manually add buttons for these via the Application Designer, but is there a way of making a button invisible from the calling program if it does a SET KEY PFn OFF?

Hi Verne,

You could write a subprogram/subroutine that checks the pfkey setting before the process page. This subprogram/subroutine can set the fixed button list in your page.
:idea: Or an easier way is to use the code conversion in Natural engineer. :wink:
The setting of the pfkeys works fine.

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the mentioned subprogram is available in SYSEXNJX under the name GETKEY-N. See also the example of its usage in the documentation under .

Best regards, Thomas