Native MQ to wm9.9 JMS

Hi Friends,

I am trying to pull messages from Native MQ, using wM JMS (v 9.9).I am able to create the JNDI connection to MQ (using JNDI template for file system).
But while i am trying to configure the JMS using the JNDI details. getting the following error :

" [ISS.0134.9016] Error creating connection factory: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: "

Highly appreciate your inputs to resolve the issue.


what is your Provider (Websphere MQ, UM, Broker)?

Please share your JNDI and JMS configuration as far as possible.


Did you able to create JNDI provider properly without error ? Have to tested it ?


Thanks Holger & MR as173d for your intrest,

I am using websphere MQ & file system template & my JNDI connection is working fine.

while i am using the same JNDI connection to do JMS settings, it provides an error.

" [ISS.0134.9016] Error creating connection factory: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: "

I have the following jars in IntegrationServer/lib/jar folder:
rmm.jar, poviderutil.jar, ldap.jar, jta.jar , jndi.jar, jms.jar ,,dhbcore, fscontext,,,, commonservices.jar,,,,

One more update,

I am trying to connect to the same Connection Factory as per the Bindings file, not sure why is the JMS setting throwing error of unknown Connection factory. [ISS.0134.9016] Error creating connection factory: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException:ConnectionFactory


when you have created and enabled the JNDI alias for the MQ Server, are you able to test it?

This should return all ConnectionFactories Names and Queue Names stored in the bindings file.

Check if the name you are looking for is listed there.

Then check your JMS Alias for the connection factory name. Eventually there is a leading or trailing blank or some other special character (due to copy&paste) in this field.

Additionally you should place the jars under IntegrationServer/lib/jars/custom instead of IntegrationServer/lib/jars/.
Please check in the about page of the IS if the jars have been loaded during startup of IS.
Missing or not loaded jars should lead to NoClassDefFoundException instead of a NameNotFoundException.


Hi Holger,

Let me give further details:

Placed the .bindings file from MQ , on my local dev server & using file system,JNDI connection, pointed to this path.
JNDI connection is successful, but it is not showing the Connection Factory name or Qmgr name as you have suggested.

Now,while configuring JMS using this JNDI, i am getting the error “Name not found” exception , the name it is looking for is the Connection Factory name which we provide under JMS settings.

Also i placed moved the jars to Integration Server/lib/jar/custom still facing the same issue. :?: :cry:



as pointed out earlier:
Most likely it is not related to the jars, but more likely with the objects in the JNDI-Store.

You will have to check the MQ Team if the objects are named correctly and if you have the proper rights to read those objects from the JNDI.

What does the test of the JNDI Alias return?
An Error or Exception or does it list the objects in the bindings file (Connection Factories and Destinations)?
If it returns the later then you are on a good way, if not you will have to check why it behaves this way.


I doubt your .bindings file might be corrupted if not if would have listed down the objects which are exist. Can you please copy again and give a try.


Version of IBM Websphere MQ that you are trying to connect?