Native library not being loaded


I have the following problem: I have a native library - an .so file for Solaris SPARC system - and a java file that interfaces with the so file through jni. It works quite well if I test these outside of webMethods. Now when I move under webmethods I create a java service that calls a method from the .jar file. The .jar file now should use JNI to call the method defined in the .so file. It’s not happening. The .so file is not being loaded by the webMethods platform. One special requirement: The jar file and the so file MUST be in the exact same folder right next to eachother.

How can I make WebMethods to load up my native libraries the same way as it loads the .jar file? Is there any configuration magic that should be done? The administration guide doesn’t say anything about this, but it’d be really poor if it wouldn’t be supported.

IMPORTANT: I’m not trying to create a C service!!! I have a compiled lib that I want to be loaded. I don’t even want to use the native library directly from under webMethods.