NatClipse and Construct

We are moving to NatClipse in the future for our mainframe development. We have and use Construct. Can anyone share their experience with Construct and NatClipse? Can you generate in NatClipse? Thanks.

I assume you mean Natural for Eclipse, because NatClipse is not a product from Software AG.
For Natural for Eclipse we plan to integrate Construct functionality through plug-ins similar as we did it for the Natural for Windows studio in a
Single Point of Development Environment. First step is that we will provide with the next version of Natural Business Services around mid 2007 a plug-in allowing you to generate services with existing custom models.
best regards karlheinz

What is Natural for Ecplise? I thought it was just another name for NatClipse.

No, The Software AG name of the product is “Natural for Eclipse”!

natclipse is a product from a company with the name innoWake and sold by innoWake.
But innoWake is also a partner from Software AG and
Natural for Eclipse is Software AG’s version of this partners product natclipse.

Natural for Eclipse differs from natclipse from innoWake by leveraging the existing Natural Development Server to enable a single point of development for Natural applications on any platform (Mainframe, Unix, Linux, Windows). Also the next release of Natural for Eclipse includes the interactive debugging facililty and Plug-Ins as previously described provided by Natural Studio. Additionally, Natural for Eclipse has passed the strong Software AG quality criteria and is supported through Software AG support centers.

Hey Jeff, hope you’re doing well and have resolved this old question (just saw it), but if you still want to discuss NatClipse let me know (offline @bu/@sag), I worked with Innowake for a year converting A&N > Java / SQL Server.