Namespace order in pub.xml:documentToXMLString

Hi guys,
I have a problem using pub.xml:documentToXMLString. When converting document to string, namespaces are mixed up, but I need them in specific order. Is there a way to control order of namespaces converted?

Hi Juris,

please provide your wM Version.

Can you describe your issue in detail please, i.e. what exactly gets mixed up?

Perhaps it is an issue with the namespace prefixes.

As long as the namespaces and their prefixes are unique to each other, there should be no problems.
Even the real prefixes should not really matter as they will be transformed according to the namespace definitions.


Sample package or screenshots explaining the issues will help to suggest a solution.

Hi, Here is the issue:

Thsi is how it should be:

This is how it ends up:

I’ve already talked with guys from Empower and they told there is no way to control this order.

Thanks for sharing the samples. However, there is a workaround to maintain the order with help of some services (replace for example).

Do you mind sharing a sample package I can try on my server too?

How are you handling currently?