Nabs needed for Replicator

Using the formula found in the Installation guide, NABS is to be calculated as 41 * 10 * number-of-Nuclei-replicating to, 1 in this case. In AOS we can see NAB is equal 420. We encountered a Response 255 on the Replicator engine. Perhaps this formula needs some adjustments, any suggestions?

Prefetch and LU can influence NAB. Maybe not on an Replicator Engine?

Dieter Storr


What happened, when NAB was 100% used? Did you get an error? Did you have other problems with the Replicator Engine? Did the Subscription DB get noticed about the error?


Dieter asked what happened when the replicator engine reported a 255 response code. A message was in the joblog and DDPRINT that ‘*** Replication data probably lost ***’, after more investigation, we found that the files being replicated have lost data, we then had to stop replication, clear out the slog, change NAB setting from the suggested value in install manual from 420 to 840, meaning now, that NAB=840.
We will have to reinitialize our target DB with files from the source, as they are too large to do Initial-State on. Within the current session, with NABS running out of room, how can the product protect itself, to avoid losing data.