My webMethods Server keeps eating up more and more PermGen space over time ..

Hi guys … I have a problem with my MWS server … The problem started with me getting random OutOfMemory Exceptions for PermGen space at completely random times when I’m using my MWS application … So then I started monitoring the MWS server via jconsole, and I’ve found out that over time, the used PermGen space keeps increasing and increasing … It never comes down … It either stays the same, or increases …

For example, yesterday we started our MWS server at around 12 PM, and by 9 PM, the server was using about 121 MB … The max limit for PermGen right now is the default 128 MB …

Also, I then left the server running over night for about 10-11 hours, and when I came in the morning, it was still using the same 121 MB …

So what’s the problem here ? Isn’t garbage collection working or something ?

I guess a temporary solution would be to increase the maximum allowed PermGen space, but that would be a temporary fix, because eventually the server will approach that limit too … :frowning:

From a blog on the web:

“…there is also some separate heap space called permanent generation. Since it is
a separate region, it is not considered part of the Java Heap space. Objects in
this space are relatively permanent. Class definitions are stored here, as are
static instances.”

It may be that the modules you have installed in MWS simply require more permgen space. I wouldn’t expect to see the permgen usage go up and down significantly. I would think it would grow and eventually stabilize.

I’d bump the permgen size to start with. And if permgen OOM errors occur again with the additional space, I’d engage SAG support.

Yeah I’ve increased the permgen size from 128mb to 256mb, and so far things are going smooth …