My webMethods admin page not working


I am able to login to the My webMethods server page. However, no java script on that page is working. It is not able to create a new page nor are the home/adminidtration/monitoring links working.
I have reinstalled the server with a new schema but nothing seems to be working.

Which browser are you using.
Several of users can’t use the portal using MS-IE 6 (but some can, with the same version of IE6 !!! MS rulez !).

I encourage you to test with another browser, and if it’s not working, to test with Firefox w/ WebDeveloper addon to find out what is going wrong.



Thanks! That has worked!!! :slight_smile:

MWS 7.1 didn’t work on MS IE 9 as well. But can see these pages (monitoring\administration) on other web browsers Firefox, google crome