MWS Transaction Filtering

Hi ,

Is there any way to display the only failed transaction details, (not by filtering the keywords in mws page), i dont want the successful transaction captured or stored in DB itself. by this way i can save the DB space and performance as well.

So, the plan is to only capture the failed transaction and display in mws page under the services.

We use only, IS and MWS.

Hi Arujan,

You can use below build in service for extracting successfully documents that are processed successfully in TN,

Above service will give you list of documents that are executed successfully, using those document id you can delete it from TN by using below service,

Explore TN build in service.


You can also explore creating an Archive Schedule job in MWS to automatically delete entries based on the processing status. I think you can set up a job there that will delete everything with the Processing Status DONE.


as MWS is only invoking services in the WmTN package on the IS, you should develop a service on IS which invokes these TN Built-In-Services.

This service can be scheduled to remove the successful documents on a regular basis.