MWS Skin Issues


We have a custom skin for our users that bear the company logo and colors. The skin works fine in IE, but when users log on to MWS via Chrome or Firefox, we see strange things like disappearing scroll bars. I looked into the Skin Administration and see no attributes on controlling this. Did I miss something? How do we fix the skin so that it works on non-IE browsers?

When I preview the the custom skin on “My Folders” in MWS, the scroll bars are absent in Firefox, but not on IE. On FireFox, when I open up the Error Console, I see many warnings, but no errors. I can turn off the style for the page I am viewing and I see all contents. When I turn on the style, the skin is applied and scroll bars are absent.

Any advice?

Thank You.

I found that the scroll bars are not appearing because the corresponding CSS had the following in the body

body {

overflow: hidden;

With FireBug and disabling the overflow: hidden entry, I am able to get the scroll bars. Now, the next step is to figure out where this entry comes from.

I looked into Skin Administration and again, there was nothing to indicate what needs to be done when something overflows (unless I have missed it). I exported the skin and looked into all CSS files within the CSS folder but failed to find this entry. How is this generated? Do we get to conrtol this behavior?

Thank You.