MWS showing 503 - Temporarily Down for Maintenance

Hi All,

How to solve this issue?

503 - Temporarily Down for Maintenance

JMS configuration is not available. See the product documentation for information how to configure JMS.

Logins are only allowed for administrators at this time.

Hi Nasar,

which version of MWS are we talkong about?
Was this running previously?
If yes, what has changed since the moment it was runnig previously?


Hi Holger,

I am using 10.5 version.
no I haven’t changed any thing.

Mohd Nasar Azaz

This is odd since you didn’t change anything; check if a restart resolves the issue (although the root cause will require a deep investigation).

If that doesn’t work, try these out -

  1. Considerations (link)
  2. Configuration (link)

Note that cluster config changes won’t reflect unless you “put” the changes (link).


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If you’re using clustered UM check to see if the “Master” role has changed and there was any database disruption…since MWS uses UM for clustering if something happened and the UM Master changed but MWS is looking to a Slave bc it was previously the Master then this could happen. One time we had the MWS RDMS password expire so MWS disconnected and then updates restarted the UM master node and a situation like this happened. Once I changed back to the original UM Master/slave/slave configuration and bounced MWS it was resolved.

While installing MWS did you face any challenges, as it is 9.9, very less might have installed. Also, please raise a ticket to SAG for suggestions.

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