MWS Server not starting.


I am unable to start MWS server. I have checked the mws.db file and all the connection parameters are proper. I also checked the JDBC pool and everything seems to be fine.

The log file (attached) is showing an error of “connection com.wm.dd.jdbc.oraclebase.ddai@1436b60b is not contained in either idle pool or check out pool”. Can anyone please help me out with this error?

full.log|attachment (45.4 KB)

Aditya, share your wM version and fix levels. I am going through your log.


Aditya – Did you install MWS related tables through DBCC ? Did you face any challenges during installation ??


Aditya – If you install MWS tables, stop and start MWS once again. If you still see any errors let us knw.


Please check whether MWS database tables are created properly.