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When we go to the above link, we can see the list of all the services, and the page shows only 10 services at a time on the page and rest shows in the pages.
Is there any way to increase the number of lines per page to display the number of services on one page.
By default MWS shows only 10 lines per page.
I would like to increase that to more than 100.
Please help me to find if there is any way in the configuration settings of MWS to get this done.
Thanks in advance!


On the services tab there is Properties and in preferences tab, you can set the the number of services and customize stuff regarding services.


Thanks Vkram!
I am sorry to raise the same question again, but I didn’t see the Properties/Preferences tab on MWS Console.
The only property I see in the My webMethods Console is:

No Maximum (Results may take longer to display)

If I check the checkbox, it shows complete result set no matters how many pages it takes. But only 10 services it shows on one page. I am looking for the settings where I can increase the number of services shown on the page i.e. if I have 500 services starting with the name svc, then if I set the property to show me 100 services on one single page, it’ll show me 100 services on one page and there will 5 pages.
Currently, it’ll 50 pages (10 services on each page). So I’ll have to travers 50 pages to resubmit all if I want to resubmit.


AFAIK, there is no way to adjust the page size.

Use caution when resubmitting. If you resubmit too many at one time you can overrun your IS.

Thanks Rob!
I am also wondering that webMethods didn’t give the option to update the settings to submit more than 10 services at a time to save the IS :).


Go to Menu (Triangle icon on the right) -->Properties–>Preferences—>Number of rows to display

Which version of MWS?

mws 8.2