MWS Performance

We are having production issues with the inbox and task screens rendered by MWS. I would like to understand the behavior, because it LOOKS like it should be fast. I used Fiddler2 to trace the traffic.

When I trace the traffic that comes over the line from MWS to my desktop after selecting the inbox, about 200K bytes comes back, compressed. It arrives in ~0.5s. However it is several more seconds, while a “loading” animation is displayed, before I see my inbox.

Is this a rendering issue, or is a data stream still being transfered from MWS (Flash?) Is this really a FLASH performance issue on the desktop?

I have tracked in IE8, FF3.6, and Chrome, and we have an issue no matter which browser, but in all cases the ~20K of data is still delivered in under half a second.

Any insight would be appreciated. Advice for how to dig deeper also welcome.