MWS Monitoring Access


I have to give read access to users in MWS for TN documents.

I was able to give access to Monitoring only ,where they can search for B2B transactions but if they select a transaction it can be resubmitted, reprocessed and also the data can be edited and resubmitted.

So is there a way to get rid of all that options or deny access to all those for the users and just have access to search for documents and look into its properties only.

Help is greatly appreciated.


Under the admin setup you should be able to grant (or deny) particular actions. I’ve done this with service audit entries but not for TN docs so I’m not sure it has the same level of granularity.

Thanks for taking time Reamon.

Yeah under permissions management ,there is grant and deny option for all the actions on MWS page.( I believe you are talking abt the same)

I am granting access only to monitoring/b2b/transaction but it doesn’t have next level to say (read or write) so that access by default is granting access to resubmit/reprocess.

What I did:

Created a role and gave him access only to monitor and created a user and he is member of the role that I created ,my MWS users and TN admins( in that order).

If the user is not a member of TN admin , then the result of search of transaction is always ‘0’ , no results found I mean.


I’m not sure if what you want can be done. Perhaps wM tech support can help.