MWS/IS user ID issue - have you seen this?

We have a portlet that starts a process by calling an IS web service. The web service uses hybrid authentication (type 3).

The IS service just pulls the user from the session the

new InvokeState().getCurrentUser().getName()

API call , which it debugLogs, then puts the user ID into a process start document and publishes it. The process begins, hits the first task which has an event to auto-assign the task to the user ID in the document.

This has always worked perfectly, until today, when three users logged in over a span of 5 hours, and the first user’s user ID was detected for all three processes, all logged as the same user in debugLog. There was no close timing issue involved, and there’s no caching or restore pipeline turned on on any of these services. They also definitely didn’t log in as the same person. The tasks they start contain the correct data for each individual process, so it’s not as though the same data was replayed.

We’re using MWS, and IS IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix8. Has anyone experienced this issue?

Thanks guys, have a good weekend!