MWS clustering

Could some one explain the details of “JMS Provider” setting Under “Clustering -> Advanced or Clustered Configuration” tab in MWS…In this screen, JMS Provider setting have two radio buttons…i.e 1) Database 2) Universal Messaging Server". What exactly this means?

Hi Janardhan,

which version of wM are you using?

Under 9.5 this page looks different without having an option for JMS Provider.

Did you have a look at the MWS Administrators Guide?

Additionally I am wondering why Broker is not listed as a third option. :?:



Hi Holger,

We are using wM 9.7…Just planning to do MWS Clustering. so, while going through the MWS Clustering tabs, we come across this settings…Didn’t understand what exactly those two setting means…


Hi Janardhan,

as we are not yet running wM 9.7 (we are just finalizing our migration to 9.5), I cannot assist further in this case.

Looks like a new feature.

Please read the appropriate Chapter(s) in the MWS Administrators Guide.
The parameters should be described there.