MWS Task Complete not saving data?

We have a tried and tested task portlet that now isn’t saving task data if we just click Complete. It does if we click Submit and then Complete.

We’ve upgraded MWS fairly recently to and now developing on Designer Task and UI plugin version I’m not sure if that’s the problem, but it’s worth mentioning. Has anyone else had this problem or know anything about it?


Hi Rob!

We have experienced the same behaviour after installing MWS_8.2_SP1_Fix13. Is it somehow possible to downgrade the fix?


I don’t know, I’m afraid. I very much doubt it, unless you backed up beforehand.

Would you mind checking your current version number, to see if it matches? Log into MWS as a sysadmin, click on Help at the top, then About My webMethods Server on the left under EXTERNAL LINKS and COPYRIGHT INFO. Is is the same version number as the one I listed?

hi, yes our version is the same: