MWS 7.1.2 clustering

We had a stand alone MWS 7.1.1 server that had several fixes applied, and was eventually upgraded to 7.1.2. Now I want to add another MWS 7.1.2 node to the same db (oracle) to make a MWS 7.1.2 cluster. This cluster also has a Cisco load balancer in front with “sticky” sessions. While I’ve read the documentation and had success creating the second node (according to the Cluster Status screen there is a green light). However, I cannot login to the second node by itself, as it gives me a null pointer exception. Does anyone have any experience with troubleshooting MWS 7.1.2 clustering or moving an custom application from MWS non-cluster to MWS cluster without starting over with a clean install for server 1.

Update: the upgrade process from MWS 7.1.1 to MWS 7.1.2 does not embed the MWS content service into the MWS database, even though a fresh install of MWS 7.1.2 would do this. As a result of my upgraded 7.1.2 environment, the new second node cannot find the MWS content service from node 1, when it is added to the cluster, because the content service from node 1 is still stored on an unshared file system. A fix should be developed to fix this problem with the upgrade process to 7.1.2 but I haven’t been told when yet.