MultiThreaded Document Processing


We are currently working on a fairly significant syncronization project, and I know I need in Order document processing. The question I have is two-fold.

First, is there a good document explaining how all of the document processing works. I was unable to find any documents in the GEAR documentation or the Advantage website that describes this in any significant detail.

Second, and this may be identified in documentation that may be identified above, but how do I ensure that the insert notifications takes precidence over the update notifcations, and there related canonical documents (created by the integration components)?

Thanks again for all your help,


Generally there is no good document sync mechanizm in WebMethods B2B. If you are using B2B IS and TN you have some features that kind of help in this process. TN has detailed documentation on Document Processing and recognition and what order thing occure.

You can use Conversation scripts to ensure that expected documents are recieved and sent folowing business process. RosettaNet Adapter helps in some of that processing too.

But if you are not using TN or RosettaNet and just B2B IS its up to you.

We are not using B2B, just the enterprise server and integrator at this point in time.

Here’s a quick overview of what we are trying to accomplish:

Vendor Syncronization:

  • Our vendors are divided into two primary tables (Vendors and Sites).
  • We want to create a sync once a site is inserted (as a vendor can be inserted without a site, but the slave systems require a single vendor
  • We want to be able to issue updates to either vendor or vendor sites. If a vendor is updated before a site is created, we will not send the update, and instead wait for a site to be created to pull the most recent vendor information.
  • Once a vendor Site is created, we will want to allow updates to both the vendor and the vendor site. We want to make sure however that the insert statement runs before the vendor/site updates

Thanks again for any help you can offer.

The Visual Integrator User’s Guide has a chapter that covers some of the info you’re looking for. Take a look at Running the Intelligent Adapters in Multi-threaded Mode for description of how adapters pull events off their queues and the various options for maintaining order of events.

If I understand the constraints correctly, you should be able to manage what you need to do using triggers and buffer tables.

Create insert and update triggers on the Vendor and Site tables. In the Vendor trigger, if Site doesn’t exist do nothing. If Site exists, make an entry in the insert/update buffer table. When your notification configured operation runs it can pull information from both tables to publish the insert/update.

Hope this helps.