MultiSend Gauranrteed Policy


Can anyone please let me know what is the multi send guaranteed policy in a cluster connection factoy? Where can I get more details on this.


Multisend-guaranteed policy is a special way of sending multiple copies of a message across multiple separate Brokers to ensure resilience against hardware failure. It is designed for very specific use-cases and is not widely used.
Given that Broker is being replaced by Universal Messaging and high-availability is done very differently in UM, I would not recommend you pursue multisend policies at this time.

Thanks Jonathan.

Can you please let me know how can I varify if this policy is applied or not.

Remember that this is for Broker, not for UM.
You can seen the policy in the MWS UI where you manage the connection factories.

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Thanks Jonathan.

I understood by your post that policy is only for broker.