Multiple WM boxes hitting one SAP server

bear with me while I explain what Im trying to do… we wish to move our WM boxes to a new server… HOWEVER, we wish to leave some services on the older server… The issue is that both servers will need to listen to SAP to receive transactions coming from SAP… What options do we have to allow certain message types to go to one box but others to go to another??? Is this even possible?? Another SAP gateway??? A new listener?? Im new to the whole WM-SAP integrations so any feedback will help… Thanks in advance

Best solution is to have each IS server listening to SAP with a different progam ID. You will need to set up the new RFC destination and program ID in SAP (sm59). When you want to send IDOCs to the new server to change the output determination of the IDOCs to the new receiver port (we20/outbound parameters/partner profiles). Each IS server only picks up the appropriate IDOCs from the SAP TRFC gateway. We used this methods when moving gradually from BC to WM IS.

Another option may be to use same partner IDs for the SAP listener on both IS servers, and enable/disable routing rules as appropriate, and rely on a SAP TRFC queue error resend job to eventually send the transactions to the correct IS server.

Thanks Martin, I think that approach will work for us… Quick ? tho, what happens if you have two IS boxes listening to the same SAP box thru the same program ID??? how does SAP know what box to route to?? does it error out or send some txns to one box and some to another???

We find that with 2 IS servers listening for the same SAP program ID, the server that most recently had the listener activated seems to pick up most (95%+) of the outbound IDOCs.

SAP doesn’t know which box to route to - it only “publishes” outbound transactions with a program ID (turn WM listener off and check SAP sm58 “Target System” to see what I mean), which will be picked up by any application listening for the appropriate programID.

There don’t seem to be any errors/ duplicates caused by having two WM listeners polling the same SAP server for the same program ID.

Hint for SAP->WM newbies: you may need to manage the message store. See SAPAdapterUserGuide.pdf, search for “message store”

You can have multiple IS servers registered with the same program ID. The SAP gateway will handle the routing of the RFC call to the servers.

This provides you a mechanism to effectively load-balance multiple IS servers for your SAP system. You’ll need high volume to get both servers utilized i.e. if you’re only getting one IDOC at a time only one server will be used.