Multiple Search Result Table on a view

I would like have multiple search result tables on a view page, under toggle tab control, that will have its own independent columns in option dialog. I’ve created two search result tables with the same id and only the first search result table shows both tables columns with the options dialog swap box. I’ve changed the ids on each search results table but the options dialog did not display any of the columns from either table. I’ve tried to modify the swap box’s option group value property, in the edit view, to point to the current portlet manage #{managedbean.viewableColumnList} instead


No luck.

Is possible to have multiple search results tables on the same page or would I have to re-render with a different view all additional search result tables?


can you be more clear please, what do you really want to do.

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I want have a toggle tabs control, with four tab, that has four search result table control inside each tab and I would like to use the “display options” for each search result table with only the columns for the current table displayed.