Multiple proxy servers for same protocol / no default proxy server


My company uses a few proxy servers for outbound external connections, but doesn’t provide any means of load balancing between them. From End User Computing perspective, load-balancing between proxies happens through means of PAC files, for proxy automatic configuration in Windows OS. I’m sure this is not an option with webMethods Integration Server.

Is there any way to load balance requests among a set of proxies in webMethods Integration Server?

What happens if I set more than one proxy alias of same type and no default one?

The best I could find about this topic in SAG webMethods Integration Server documentation is the following (built-in services guide - this is HTTP/S related): “If there is not a default HTTP proxy alias, Integration Server routes the HTTP request through the proxy server in any configured HTTP proxy alias”. Unfortunately it doesn’t help much as a few questions remain open:

  1. Does “any” mean a true random pattern that will, to the extent possible and according to some specific criteria, distribute load among available proxies?
  2. What happens if connection to “any” chosen proxy fails? Will it try the next one or just assume the HTTP request can’t be fulfilled and fail completely?

Thanks in advance for any insight on such topic.

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