Multiple operations within a single web service

Is it possible to expose multiple methods(operations) using webmethods platform through a single WSDL? How can this be achieved using webmethods? Any direction/suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,
Srinivas Yeruva

The WSDL generator that ships with IS 4.6 and IS 6.1 is not capable of generating WSDL files that include more than one operation. This has been a much-requested and long-awaited feature, but to my knowledge has not yet been delivered. However, I have not yet had a chance to generate WSDL files with IS 6.5, so I suppose it could be in there.

For now, if you are using IS 4.6 or IS 6.1, you would have to manually edit your WSDL file to contain more than one operation. There are many WSDL editors out there including ones from XML Spy Enterprise Edition that could make this a bit simpler, but for now it is painful.

I have heard that the multi-operation WSDL generation feature will allow the user to select multiple services in a folder or an entire folder full of services for inclusion in a single WSDL.



Thank you for your input on this. I have not explored 6.5 version yet. I will update if I find anything in this context or if i end up manually editing the WSDL files.

I did a quick check of the “Web Services Developer’s Guide 6.5”. From the docs, it appears that WSDL generation functionality is basically unchanged since the IS 4.6 version (with the exception that about a zillion fixes are now included).

I know the product development gang is hard at work on the next release of Integration Server. Hopefully, WSDL generator will get a complete re-write.


Thank you both for providing the information.