Multiple installations of 4x adapters on a single unix machine

Has anyone done multiple installations of 4.x adapter software on a unix machine? We are a corporation (J&J) that consists of largely independent companies. Several companies have deployed applications in a single unix box. Each company would like to have a separate installation of webMethods 4.x adapters (JDBC, IO, and OneWorld).

We have set this up in a test environment by changing the default directories for the software binaries (/opt/wment41) and the configuration and temporary files (/var/opt/activesw). For example, adapters for company A would be installed in /opt/wment41_a and /var/opt/activesw_a. Company B would be installed in /opt/wment41_a and /var/opt/activesw_b. We also renamed each adapter startup file in /sbin/rc3.d. After we did that, it seemed to work fine.

The problem is that webMethods says this is not a supported configuration. It seems like there should be nothing preventing this from working. Has anyone else done this and if so, what is your experience, especially with webMethods support?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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My large company (Motorola) does this as well. But we only install one set of the binaries on the host (v4 and/or v3).

We asked wM some time ago if running multiple adapter monitors was possible and wM sent us the instructions for such a configuration. I fully expect that we are still fully supported by wM in our config.

I don’t have the detailed instructions in front of me, but basically there is a way to create a new adapter monitor adapters.cfg file via the command line. Then you have to modify (meaning create a second) adapter_config script to “know” the location of the second config file, and I’m not sure but maybe also have to modify (again, create a second) adapter monitor startup script - I’m not sure if this is done automagically via the prior command line commands.

Poof, you have two adapter_config scripts, two adapter monitor startups and only one install of binaries.

We have multiple v3 and multiple v4 instances on hosts, some hosts have both multiple v3 and multiple v4 instances.

If you’re interested, email me and I can try and find the original info wM sent us.