Multiple Developers in CAF


I have a question in relation to the development of portlets and portlet applications:

  • What’s the recommended approach when implementing interacting portlets with multiple developers?

An example:
We have three devs A, B and C.
A develops the portlet for showing a list of students.
B develops the portlet for showing student details. (first name, last name, id, e-mail address, …)
C wires both portlets, i.e. he creates a UI where you can click on a student ID in A’s portlet and the corresponding student is shown in B’s detail portlet.

The idea is similar to the portlets in the CAF cookbook. A and B can be developed and published on MWS, that’s not the problem. But how can the third developer “C” wire everything? The cookbook doesn’t apply in this case because there everything is developed by one person in one project. Is there a way to import the portlets from MWS to a local project, make changes and re-export everything or is there a completely different approach to solve this problem?

Assign the whole task to dev A, and give devs B & C a separate task.

You can’t wire the portlets until A & B finish their job and deploy the portlets.

Best regards.