How to reuse portlets from different projects?

Hi people. Do you know if it is possible to reuse portlets and views from different Portlet Applications?


Hi Marcelo,

Below are the options that I can think of -

  1. You can import the portlet / page into the portlet where you want to use.
  2. If you want to use multiple instances of the same portlet independent to each other, you can create portal pages in sysadmin , add the reusable portlet to it and give different URL aliases for them. Then you can use these two different portal pages (which uses the same underlying portlet) independent of each other.

Kind regards,

Hi Raj, thanks for your reply. About point 1) the problem is that you can import portlets or views that are in the same Portlet Application. But, I am tying the following: Import the portlet into the portlet application and then call the view, this is not too easy because I have to add and change references on some xmls files. And when I export the portlet I have to consider only export the corresponding files structure (not all the Portlet App).
I don’t know if point 2) applies for what I want to do. I give you more details:
I have I porlet that has a view for attaching files (it’s a custom component), so this portlet I could reuse in different Portlet Applications that are related for different processes.

Kind Regards!