Multiple Date Input Controls problem


If there are multiple (more than one) date input controls in a view, picking a date in one date input also assigns this value to other date input controls in the view. This happens in simple portlet applications without individual configurations, in IE as well as in Firefox. How to fix this problem?


webMethods: 7.1.3
Designer: 7.1.2
Server: My webMethods Server


I wasn’t able to repro this (using 8.x which is a different version than you are using). I wonder if you bound these date input controls to a variable? If so, did you bind them to the same variable?

If not, then you’ve probably discovered a bug, and you’ll need to file a Support Incident to get it fixed.


Hi Mark,

thanks for your reply. The controls are bound to different variables. also the ids of the controls are different. We opend a support request for this issue.