Multiple addresses for logging email notification

I am trying to enter multiple email addresses in the Internal and Service email address boxes on the Logging page of the Administrator tool.
I have used a space, a comma and a semicolon between the names. When I enter just one name, the email gets to the proper person. If I try to add a second name not even the first person gets mail.
Do I need different punctuation? Do I need a space PLUS a special character? Is it not possible to address these messages to multiple recipients?

All suggestions appreciated.


we had the same problem. After trying all kinds of special characters as well we gave up and created a E-Mail distributionlist. That way we had to enter only the name of the distributionlist and the E-Mails got delivered to all people listed in there.

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The Admin Manual (Pg 91) says it is the email of the Administrator. It almost implies that only 1 email address can be specified. If multiple addresses are required, I would recommend having an alias set up by the Email administrator and send emails to that alias (that will forward on to multiple parties).