Multipart/formdata with webMethods OnPremise and API Gateway

Product/components used and version/fix level are you on:

Product: webMethods Integration Server
Updates: IS_10.7_Core_Fix12

Product: webMethods API Gateway


My goal is to implement a http POST request with multipart/formdata. Currently I implemented a flow service and a REST API Descriptor (RAD) on my Integration Server. I published the descriptor on my API Gateway.

Error Description

Now to the problem. When I send the request (over Postman) nothing except the header is arriving in the flow service. I was expecting a object named contentStream like in other posts. It is working when I use the service directly without API Gateway and RAD.
Do you know how I can solve my problem?

Thank you!


Can you share inputs and SS of postman and IS ? Calling a service from postman or from browser doesn’t really matter. If you can’t call the service with postman or you are missing some part of the request, that usually means your postman request object is faulty. It will be easier to compare them with a screenshot.

I fixed it by myself. I tried to combine JSON and multipart/form-data in one endpoint and the REST API descriptor (rad) can not handle it.
I split up the content types in two endpoints and it was working.

Glad to hear that it’s working now and thanks for the tech updates!!


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