MsgId string doesn't match correct value for messag

Has anyone else seen this?

We seem to be getting incorrect string values for the message Id from the adapter.

When we use the message Id byte array variables in the output from the put as the input to the get, we are able to get the message successfully. However, when we either convert those to string using stringToBytes service or when we select the string version of the MsgId field as the output from the put and then map either to the input for the get, we don’t find the message.

However, in converting that string to Hexidecimal and comparing it to the value in the queue using IBM’s tools, they don’t match.

Yet, when you take the value from the IBM queue browser and covert the hex into a string and then past that as input to the get service in Developer, the get retrieves the message.

So, it seems like the conversion of the output byte array into a string seems to be the culprit. Interestingly, I can’t reproduce it on my laptop, with both servers running on Windows. So, it seems like it may be only on Solaris? It seems to be an issue with how the bytes are converted to string, maybe an encoding issue?

Hi ,

did you fix this problem cuz I have the same one ??
if ok, so please tell me how you did