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How to establish connection to the msaccess database from webmethod6.

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hello everybody,
plz help how to create the Ms Acess conectivity in webmethods

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Dear Nageswara,
You can connect to MS ACCESS using wMDB package.Before doing this you need to create DSN Name using ODBC Manager in Control Panel—>Administrative Tools.Then go to the WMDB screen thru IS Admin–>Adapters—>WMDB.In the Alias Management click on Add.In DB URL give jdbc:odbc:DSN Name. In the Driver give sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver.After creating the alias you can test it by connecting it and querying the tables etc.

Puneet Verma

Keep in mind these points:

  • The JDBC-ODBC bridge bundled in the JDK is not thread-safe.

  • The WmDB package is being phased out in favor of the JDBC Adapter (WmJDBC).

WmDB package is no more deprecated,and heard WM is still supporting in IS6.x along with JDBC Adapter.


It was my understanding that WmDB is indeed supported in 6.x (not marked as deprecated) but would at some point be phased out in the future. At what point in the future has not been identified.

IMO, new work should not use WmDB.

The only reason that WmDB is still supported is for backwards compatibility and to give installations with large portfolios of older IS integrations time to upgrade to the JDBC adapter. I agree with Rob that new projects should not use WmDB.

The original point of this thread was related to how best to connect to MS Access. Is using the Sun-provided ODBC-JDBC bridge still the best way to go or is there a better option?

You can search Sun’s list of JDBC drivers here

I agree with you Rob/Mark,but i have seen some of new integrations still uses WmDB for example to get connect with MSAccess etc…


Initially starting in IS6.x WmDB/services was told deprecated but later WM rolled back saying not deprecated upon receiving requests from customers.

Anyways anybody connected MSAccess using JDBCAdapter instead of using WMDB?

How we can connect MSAccess using JDBCAdapter instead of using WMDB?

We Tried using JDBC Adapter but it showing following errors.
Unable to get adapter service templates for connection
Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to get adapter service templates for connection resource.

Can u Please help me how we can go further to connect MSAccess using JDBC Adapter.


I don’t think there is a way to connect to MSAccesss using JDBCAdapter, the best way is to use WMDB instead.


WmDB and WmJDBC both use JDBC drivers to access the database. Why would one work and the other not?

SR 1-48575531 seems to indicate that WM doesn’t support connecting to MS Access from the JDBC Adapter.

If you don’t want to use WmDB you can create a custom java service that uses JDBC methods to get to the data. Not sure that’s much better though.



Thanks for your information, now we are using WmDB instead of JDBC adapter.



I have a query regarding the ms access-WmDB configuration.
If the integration server is running on unix/linux OS and we have our mdb file on windows local disk and want to connect using WmDB then what parameters should be added in “DB URL” in the WmDB while creating alias definition.


Did anyone find any answers to this query?


Please see the PuneetVerma’s comments in the 1st page link for accessing MSAccess via WmDB.


Check this link on Advantage

If mentions the use of software from Easysoft which may work in this scenario.