MS-SQL to webMethods


I have functionality to be fullfilled where webmethods needs to read the new tables created in MS SQL application database, export the DDL from it and create the replica tables in targe teradata database …

Is this possible by using webMethods ? :?:

And Can we assign webMethods trigger polling to a table (name of table will be genarated in run-time). :roll:

Please let me know if any solution for above functionality :idea: :idea:

Yes JDBC notifications thru you can listen (insert/update/delete) upon a trigger and then via Adapter service build a logic from the published document and move the data from source SQL to target Terradata tables.



Thanks for response,

I know we can create template notification triggers for insert/update/delete scenarios.
My challege is i cant hard code the table name in triggers as the table are genarated in run time at MS - SQL.

I wanted to create a trigger which can take the run time value as an input (table_name) and pull the data.hence, same trigger can be reusuable for all tables created in future.

is this possible ?? Please let me know if more information needed here

Please post me if any solution for this : :?