MQSeries Adaptor v30 on IS 60

I am trying to make use of the MQSeries adaptor and have run into a couple of issues/questions, anybody using MQ and seen these?

  1. Using a listener handler, I want my messages to be processed concurrently (i.e. multi threaded) on the IS. How do I do this? out of the box the messages are processed 1 by 1.

  2. If I disable my listener handler then the handler continues to be called as messages are put onto the queue. This is after a message has been received and the shutdown timeout has expired. If I delete the handler from the IS, then this makes no difference either. In fact, the only way to stop this handler seems to be a restart of the IS.

Can anyone help?

Hi buddies,

I am using wM6 and MQseries adapter 3.0 (websphere),the data will be
triggered from the sap (idoc) and writing into the queue,adapter will listen for the data,and picks the data and sending to Is and Process and send informations to customer through HTTP ,once the status code is success then it will deleted from the queue,else writing into an another queue.

My problem is listener is automatically going down when processing messages,and i am getting the following error message from the error log,becuase of this,the data is not writing into the error queue also.
seems to be loosing its handle to the queue.

Error decription

com.wm.pkg.MQSeries.api.MQSeriesException:[BASMQSP.0003.0020] runtime.commit - WmQueue Exception - {1}
(Linked Exception:[[BASMQSP.0003.0037] Connection matching ID=Listener1085358313135-6 could not be found.]
Unable to load message template - (Can’t find resource for bundle com.wm.pkg.MQSeries.resources.MQSeriesErrorMsgBundle,
key [BASMQSP.0003.0037] Connection matching ID=Listener1085358313135-6 could not be found.))

The advantage site shows some connection pooling and caching of listener and handle,recommending to apply BMQA_3-0(sp3)_FIX10-14

will it resolve my issue ?

Buddies,expecting some tips from u people for the above issue!!!

Thanks in advance