MQ Messages not picked up immediately by JMS trigger

Hello, We have webMethods 7.1.2, and have configured a trigger to pick up messages from MQ, through JMS trigger.

Sometimes the messages are pickedup promptly by trigger and service is invoked, and sometimes the messages are delayed for 5 to 10 mins.

During this delay, the messages are still sitting in the MQ Queue.

Would there be any configuration on the trigger level or any patches to pick up the messages immediately from the MQ.

If anyone has come accross this issue, pls let me know.


Found’s the watt…pingperiod to be configured.


Hi murali,

I am also facing the same issue, The jms message is sent but is picked up by the MDB after a while even delay for minutes in some cases.
It seems that you solved the issue, Can you please suggest as what you did to resolve the delay in pickup?

Check whether you have configured the below extended property? If not configure and try to test the connection.


Many of these parameters are set as you administer the webMethods Integration Server using the Integration Server Administrator. watt.server.jms watt.server.jms.connection.pingPeriod Specifies how often, measured in seconds, Integration Server should ping the JMS provider. The ping serves as a keep alive request sent to the JMS provider. The default is 300 seconds (5 minutes). Important! You must restart Integration Server for the new value to take effect.


Arjun – Did you configure specified property in settings ? What’s your observation.