MQ Listener Root and Parent Context ID


We have IS 6.0.1 with MQ 3 Adapter and IS 6.1.0 with MQ 6 Adapter and the issue is that in 6.1.0 instance when a message is received by the MQ listener it assigns the same ROOTCONTEXTD but different PARENTCONTEXTID. But for document triggers it assigns different ROOTCONTEXTID which the same as PARENTCONTEXTID for every instance. In 6.0.1 for both MQ listener as well as document triggers it does the same which is different ROOTCONTEXTID which is same as PARENTCONTEXTID.

How does this change effect us?
We have written a package to enhance the capabilities of WmMonitor and it doesnot work with this change and inconsistant behaviour on 6.1.

My questions are

  1. what is the correct behaviour. If we look at it assigning same rootcontextid for every MQ message drained by the listener seems to be correct. Will it be changed in the future or will the document trigger rootcontextid assignment be changed to be consistant with MQ Listener.

  2. Is this a bug or a feature? if its a bug does anyone know of any fixes.

Any help is appriciated.

Ram Challuri