MQ Adapter posting other JMS Message types

We are using MQ 6.0 adapter with SP1. In developer, I created a MQ adapter service that does a put. For this service, the MQMD header fields are as follows: input fields: msgHeader.CorrelId,msgHeader.Format = MQHRF; on JMS Properties: JMSProperties.jms.JMSCorrelationID. The MQ targclient config option is set to JMS.
However, the following occurs: as is, the JMS Client (a MDB) receives a JMS Text Message; when I remove the Format field, the MDB receives, as expected a Bytes Message; when I set the Format to RFH2, the MDB receives no message; when the Format is set to MQSTR, as expected, I get the JMS Text Message with the RFH header prepended to the message’s body. How can I set it up in the Put service so that the MDB can receive the other JMS message classes? Thanks in advance.