MQ Adapter error..

Hi, We are using webMethods IS 6.5 with MQ Adapter 6.5. Currently we are seeing the following error in our server log. 2007-08-17 00:20:45 EDT [SCC.0126.0101E] An error occurred while attempting to release connection “Name of Connection”(2).
This connection is basically used by a listener and the error comes when ever the server reboots. I think when the server reboots happen, at that time the listener connection remains open.
We have defined the Wait interval for the listener as 60 Seconds.

Is there any other reason for this error or how exactly it can be fixed.

Thanks for your help.

You might need to shut down the listener, listener notifications before taking the server down.

It maybe helps nothing, but …
We are using MQ through JMSAdapter and IBM JMS-to-MQ adapting libraries. We find it much more stable than MQAdapter.