MQ Adapter 6.0 - request/reply can not find reply queue

I am now running the WebSphere MQ Adapter v. 6.0. I was previously running v.3.0. After a few configuration changes, I was able to execute a put command. I am now trying to execute a request/reply, which is why we use in our code base.

I created an adapter service for a request/reply, and set all the settings just as they were in the 3.0 version.

In the override section of the input, if I leave it blank, then I get an error trying to put on the queue. If I populate it, then I get an error (2033) b/c there isn’t any information on the queue to retreive. If I perform the exact same test with the 3.0 version, it executes without any errors.

Can anyone resolve this issue? Does anyone have any 6.0 MQ Adapter experience?