Moving Files - BytestoString


I have a scenario where I will be moving the files from UNIX folder to Windows folder. we have a built-in service which moves all the files from one folder to another. I am using this service to move files from one folder to another and I am using getFile service, and bytesToString service and will FTP the files to Windows folder. But the problem is that it is stripping the carriage return line feed it seems.

How to solve this issue. Business say that its not the same file like in UNIX because it doesn’t have end of file something.

Please help.

If your files change when you "FTPize"them from Unix to Windows it’s because you are transfering your files in “ascii mode”.

If you want the files to be the same on both OS, use the “binary mode”.

But why do you use the “getFile” and “bytesToString” services in order to use the FTP protocol ? :confused:
Ftp services like WmPublic/pub.client.ftp:put only needs the filenames (locally and remotely) and you can set the “transfermode” parameter to “binary” to have the exact same file…