Moverme en una tabla

Quiero en una tabla, pasar a la siguiente fila con el ENTER.

According to Google Translate:“I want in a table, move to the next row with the ENTER.”

I don’t see how this relates to SPoD. SPoD connects a Natural desktop client (either Natural for Windows, or Natural ONE under Linux, Unix, or Windows) to a Natural mainframe/Linux/Unix/Windows server/host. The host can display a table of data via a MAP or can scroll through records (rows) of an Adabas file (table), but neither of these processes is specific to SPoD.

Please provide more detail about your problem.

I am assuming Ralph’s post is accurate that SpoD is not really relevant here.

ENTER with a screen active would return you to the statement after the INPUT statement in your Natural program. From there, you could check *PF-KEY to see if ENTER was hit, and check *CURSOR to see where the cursor was. From this information, you could do something like a REINPUT NO ERASE with a MARK parameter to place the cursor wherever should be.

If this is not relevant, could you find a translator at your end to re-post the question in English. This would open up the discussion to many knowledgeable people who might be able to contribute valuable information.