More information about XQuery (methods)?

I try to extend the BIRT reports that are default in CentraSite. I took the report ‘Assert Dependencies’. And I like to extend that report with versions numbers. I saw the XQuery, see below. How can I retrieve the possible methods of the namespaces. I saw csdt:getUserLanguagePreferences() where is the documentation of that?

import module namespace cs = '';
import module namespace csdt = '';
import module namespace ut = '';
let $ulp := csdt:getUserLanguagePreferences()
for $b in collection('CentraSite')/*[cs:key="%-?=uddi:207ff1cc-25c5-544c-415c-5d98ea91060c:service_publish?-%"]
return <asset> 
	<name> { data(cs:localString($b/cs:name,$ulp)) } </name>
	<type> { ut:getAssetType($b) } </type>
	<owner> { ut:getUserName(data($b/cs:owner),$ulp) } </owner>
	<description> { 
          data(cs:localString(($b/cs:description, element nil{})[1],$ulp)) } </description>

Hi everyone,

I´m asking the same.

I need to modify the Report Templates provided by CentraSite, specifically “Service Details”, and I would like to know how to access that modules and modify the XQuery.

Someone knows?

Thanks in advance.