request for practical usage examples of XQuery


I’m doing a Ph.D. research project about human usability aspects of XML query languages. At this moment I’m planning human factors experiments to investigate usability aspects of XSLT, SQL/XML and, of course, XQuery. These experiments are needed to clarify:

1) What difficulties arise with use of certain language features?
2) What is the cause of the difficulty of certain language features?

Ideally, the experiments should reflect the practical use of a query language. Therefore, I’m looking for examples of how XQuery actually is used in real life. I would like to request XQuery users to send me the following:
1) Description of the task performed;
2) Documents or sample documents + schema;
3) Actual queries;
4) Optionally: state if there was an issue or not with the language.

The format of the W3C XML Query Use Cases would be perfect, but descriptions that are less nicely organized are also welcome.

Examples can be mailed to

Thank you very much in advance.


Joris Graaumans
Institute of Information and Computing Sciences
Utrecht University